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Open RPG Maker: Feature Requests!

I've fixed the forum so all feature requests should be submitted there.

Here is where you can post features that you would like to see included (if possible) in the Open RPG Maker. You can give as much or little detail about a specific feature as you'd like, because if there's any open space I myself will fill in any gaps.

NOTE: To post a feature, use your nickname/real-name as the heading (eg. == '''NAME''' ==). Then state your feature request. Though please try to keep your request as breef as possible. If you'd like to post multiple features, then just break them apart into paragraphs and have a basic title representing each feature above it.

Example Feature Request:


I would like feature XYZ to be in Open RPG Maker. Basically, I want you to be able to (In depth description of feature goes here).

I would also like to see feature ABC in Open RPG Maker as well. ABC should allow you to do...

Carlos Solís (a.k.a. ArkBlitz)

Import/Export for RPG Maker format I know it would mean lots of reverse engineering, but it would be great if you could find a way to import games you've already made in RPG Maker (2000, XP, VX) in the Open RPG Maker. And if you have some spare time, to be able to export back to RPG Maker format. Not that the latter is necessary, anyway.

  • Tuxinator Replies: This topic has already been researched, and the code is already done with easyrpg, they contacted me to let me know I could use their code for this exact purpose. The main problem is that Open RPG Maker is using such a drastically different style then the other RPG Makers, that importing just wasn't possible, the data just doesn't work the same in Open RPG Maker. However, there will be the ability to import tilesets, backgrounds, battle animations, character sprites, face graphics, and pretty much any other graphics that they have. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.

Support for 3D If you could make a 3D RPG... Whoa, it would be an RPG Maker killer. A suggested format would be Blender (being free and open-source)

  • Tuxinator Replies: This feature will not be supported in Open RPG Maker, but I have already made plans, after I learn how to do 3D, and if Open RPG Maker is a big enough hit (judging by this page alone, it most likely will be), then I will eventually like to figure out how to do a 3D RPG Maker. The best thing about RPG Makers vs. Game Makers is that RPG games are strictly data driven games, meaning one bit of A.I. code can handle any type of enemy you throw at it, unlike most other genres. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.

An "RTP" for starters Can you start recruiting some guys to design characters, tilesets, SFXs and BGMs for the Open RPG Maker's "RTP"?

  • Tuxinator Replies: I have been in the process of making recruitment announcements for this exact thing, unfortunately barely any people showed any signs of interest in doing the graphics for it. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.

Support for Action RPG system and Strategy system I mean, support for gameplay like Zelda (Action RPG) or Fire Emblem (Strategy). It would make the gameplay very flexible. Or perhaps using Strategy system combined with normal battle system.

  • Tuxinator Replies: I haven't actually played Fire Emblem, but I intend to make it easy to design a Zelda style RPG with Open RPG Maker. The only main difference would be that movement would be grid based (i.e. you move from one grid space to another), instead of free range movement. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.

Skills made by many characters (dual skills, fusions, and such) That was rather auto-explaining. But what if you could program a skill that needs more than one character to be made? It would be useful for special combos and such.


Support popular image files I want this program support popular image files such as jpg, gif , etc

  • Tuxinator replies: This feature has already been looked into, and I am pleased to anounce that all images supported by SDL_Image (BMP, PNM (PPM/PGM/PBM), XPM, LBM, PCX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, and TIFF) are supported by Open RPG Maker, as well as any bit depth up to 32bpp. Thanks for your contribution to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator


Animated Backgrounds Not sure if you have already implemented this, or are planning to. I also forget whether the originals could have animated backgrounds(It's been awhile since I used them). But it would be nice to see lava bubble, or rivers flowing while you fight. Adds realism to games:)

  • Tuxinator Replies: Animated backgrounds would be a very nice feature. Though they would only work well as a battle background, because otherwise it would slow down the game way too much. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Tuxinator Further Replies: This feature has been looked into more thoroughly and is definitely a major possability for battle backgrounds (though not map backgrounds). - Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator


I happened to see this project on SourceForge, and I really do like the project. Here are some Ideas that might make the project appeal to more users:

  • Adjustable maximum Party Size: 95,2000,2003,XP all have a max party size of 4, and I'm sure some people want parties larger than 4 members, while others want a smaller party with a system that doesn't look like it can hold more characters in the party.
    • Tuxinator Replies: Never thought of this feature, but definitely a great one to include. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Battle System: 95,2000,XP all use a 1st-person perspective, turn based system. 2003 had a 3rd-person side-view perspective, Active battle system. Wouldn't it be nice for a user to choose what view/perspective, interface, and features they want to go into "their" battle system?
    • Tuxinator Replies: This was a feature that has been in speculation on how best to accomplish. XP had a method of editing Ruby Script files, but that required some programming knowledge (yawn). Maybe a simple drop down menu to choose what type of battle system (also for event activated battles), meaning that a random battle could be rm2k3 style, whereas a boss battle could be rm2k/rmXP style. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Music Looping: The music that comes with 95,2000,2003,XP all loop at predetermined points. Any music added in by the player, however, does not loop and there is no feature that allows looping for any added-in music.
    • Tuxinator Replies: While not only is music looping going to be automatic, but music files won't be limited to just '.midi' or '.wav' files, check Editing Help: Music for a list of supported file formats. Although if I can figure out how, I would love to add loop-start (in seconds) and loop-end (in seconds). Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Animated Title Screens: Self explanatory, and very similar to Ithior's request on Animated Backgrounds.
    • Tuxinator Replies: YES, this sounds like a most excellent ability, and will definitely be supported. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • File Format Conversion: The ability to put the complete game, and all necessary files, into a different format (.exe, .swf, etc) for ease of use by other players.
    • Tuxinator Replies: The plan for this is to compress the entire project tree into a single '.zip' file containing the engine (both source and binary). This would allow 'makers' to package there game and distribute it as a stand-alone project (so that 'players' are not required to download open rpg maker to play it). Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Usable Interface: The ability for people that can't program, such as myself, to do whatever they want without the need to code.
    • Tuxinator Replies: This was my intention from the get go, because I myself (even though I'm an extensive programmer) hate game development tools that require people to program. While the user interface will be very much similar to rm2k3 there will be a more in-depth help documentation, possibly even containing video tutorials (though not guaranteed). Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Animated Enemy Sprites: The RPG Maker series always had enemies as still images, which didn't add to the visual excitement. Wouldn't it be nice to have support for animated enemies?
    • Tuxinator Replies: This was actually something that I myself was frustrated with the RPG Maker series, though it may not be seen during the initial release, but was in fact something that I definitely wish to incorporate into the engine/editor. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Other-than-MP Consumption: Some RPGs give the heros skills that don't use MP, but can only be used a certain number of times. Others have skills that consume HP instead of MP.
    • Tuxinator Replies: This is definitely a good idea, and actually would not be that hard to implement. Basically instead of MP consumption you could set it to consume HP, MP, or decrease a variable and only allow the use of the skill if the variable is greater than a certain value (this would allow the magic level groups that FFI implemented). Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
  • Heros Combining Skills: Self-explanatory. Introduced by Phantasy Star 4 (or perhaps an earlier game), made popular by Chrono Trigger.
    • Tuxinator Replies: I remember something similar with FF9 where Captain Steiner would gain magical abilities with his sword through Vivi. This would actually be basically an event based attack (ie. when the character executes a skill, negate the effect and create a custom effect through the battle event system). Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator


Use an already developed engine as backend.

I dont know how deep is development in this project going, but I just wanted to suggest that, since there are already some open source engines that could benefit from a good map/character/dialogs Maker, it could maybe be a good idea to join forces with another project. I dont mean dropping this, sharing code and developing the same program together. I mean to develop a different program... a tool, that can be used to create games for this other engine. I think it would be a good thing if all the free software RPG developers collaborated a bit to try to make a single good engine, instead of many unfinished different ones, none of which have a big community behind them. Adonthell seems to me that it's a nice project for an RPG engine that maybe OpenRPG Maker could use. --Ferk 18:17, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

  • Tuxinator Replies: Unfortunately none of these other engines seemed "complete" enough for me, and I was also more so doing this project to further enhance my skills. Plus, while the engine code is more so just layed out, I've already got most the concepts on exactly how things will be handled. However, depending on how well I do on OpenRPGMaker, I'm thinking of later making a level editor for SuperTux, as all the ones I've seen either don't compile right, or you have to do some weird stuff, like installing windows libraries, just to get them working. Good thinking though on the fact that, yes, a lot of these open source RPG engines are either incomplete or their missing a usefull editor. Maybe after OpenRPGMaker, one of these developers might ask me to try and make a descent editor for their engine. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator


Well, since this is an open source project, do you mind making open RPG Maker to be Cross-Platform so everyone can run it not just from Windows but from Linux as well?

  • Tuxinator Replies: Funny you should mention 'from Linux as well' because linux is actually my development platform. But, yes, I do hope to make this cross platform on at least Windows and Linux, as those are the only to OS's that I have available. Unfortunately according to SDL, the graphics API I'm using for the game's engine, Macs don't support multi-threading, so I may have to pull some strings to get it to work on a Mac. One of my reasons for making this, was because there were currently no RPG Makers, that could match the RPG Maker series capabilities, that were open source and worked on linux as well. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator
    • Apparently, SDL_thread should work fine in Mac OS X. There are certain bugs [1] which can cause an app to not work properly due to threading issues, however. Unfortunately, I have no OS X system to test with. - Draco


How about nonstandard screen resolutions and tile sizes, such as 1280x1024 with 64x64 tiles?

  • Tuxinator Replies: Essentially the way I was thinking about doing multi-resolution capabilities, was to simply scale everything to fit the screen. This is because if you change the tile sizes, you would also change the size of everything else in the game. If you make them too big, then it becomes strenuous to get just a small handful of graphics done.
    • Tuxinator Further Replies: After looking into this a bit, I've come to realize that the engine/editor can allow configuration of the sizes, though this may have an effect on the frame rate, but computers nowadays should have no issue. I think this might be a possible feature to add. Thanks for you contributions to Open RPG Maker - Tuxinator


  • One feature I thought of, but has not been submitted yet, is an automatic update feature that could download newer versions of Open RPG Maker and update the RTP with any new files. Also it would be nice for a network feature that allows users to upload their created projects to a server (I will be getting one soon), through Open RPG Maker, and be able to download them through Open RPG Maker as well.


Custom message boxes without programming
I'll appreciate, if you make event command "Show message", (i don't know name exactly, because I using unofficial polish translation by Reptile) with x,y position (in screen pixels) of message, width,height (in characters/lines), and option show over event, which overlapping x,y pos. And show choice that can open a new window, like for example in Pokeman Gameboy series (with infinite options) Changing font @ runtime and loading font directly from .ttf without font installing will be also good.

  • Tuxinator Replies: Not quite sure exactly what your asking here, though I can tell you that loading .ttf files will be supported, which means you can change them on the fly using the event system. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.
  • Rave replies: I mean function that open message window at x,y (in pixels), with width (in characters) and height (in lines). Simpler I can't explain it.
  • Tuxinator Replies: That seems like a doable thing, maybe have it in the "Message Display" options, which would be called before a call to "Show Message"
  • Rave Replies: And also Show Choice with adding more than 4 choices, maybe even infinite (of course in a reasonable number), also with possibility to open at specified x,y, and posibility display in columns, for example instead of

user can have
Yes No

  • Tuxinator Replies: That sounds like a descent enough idea, though the infinite (or close to infinite) number of options would be a bit interesting to implement, but nonetheless doable.

Animated Panoramas
I know, that you said the animated map bg will slowdown game, but it'll be nice, if you put this feature (user'll decide to use it or not)

  • Tuxinator Replies: I've already experimented with some stress testing on computers and even the basic animation scheme I came of with for title screens and battle backgrounds would slow down the engine way to much, when used for map backgrounds. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.
  • Rave Replies: So make in Database Editor on System page checkbox "Use animated panoramas" or something. When this option will be checked, animation will be played in the engine, otherwise only first frame will be show, and animation will not playing. I used some time ago somewhat Spanish RGSS script for animated panoramas, and it wasn't very slow. Optimize, Tuxinator! Optimize!
  • Tuxinator Replies: This has been further looked into and might be possible to do. My concern before was how to do it without to much frame delay, but simply loading multiple background images (all of which being 640x480 pixels in size) would be easy. The editor itself would only have to care about loading the images, because it does not show the panorama during map editing mode.

Infinite map layers Rpg maker xp had 3 map layers. How about Layer Number editbox (with up-down "arrows" on left)? This will make possible using infinite map layers. Oh, when you'll answer me, can you send me e-mail on [2], so I'll know?

  • Tuxinator Replies: Having more than three layers is a waste of both processing power, and memory, because three layers is more than enough to portray an area. The main concern raised here is that each layer stores 3 bytes of information for each tile (1st byte = tilesetID, 2nd byte = tileID, and 3rd byte = tileFlags). Having more than three layers would increase the map's memory usage to unnecessary proportions. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker
  • Rave Replies: So then engine could draw & load only layers, that are used (which have at least one non-transparent tile). This will limit RAM used. And the modern computer can handle it, trust me. Anyway, most RPG Maker's users are dreaming about this feature. I know: Make two versions of openrm with and without this feature. I guarantee, that users choose version with infinite layers.
  • Tuxinator Replies: The main concern here was the lag between switching maps. The editor currently loads all maps at once, simply because they are the largest data file in the game, and thus would slow down editing just to unload the current map and load the newly selected map. If this feature were to be implemented, then that would mean doing such a thing. The engine does not have to worry and would probably be able to handle it, because it's easier to control what's loaded and what's not. However, this feature may yet appear in a future release, if I can figure out a way of easily doing it, without making it overly complicated.
  • Rave replies: Maybe loading screen? Or Zlib compression for map files?

Further thoughts
I thought about extensions system similar to MultimediaFusion's ext. system. Scripting is good, but precompiled code is much faster and flexible. 32bit pngs with alpha channel will be also good. And Python scripting instead of Ruby (python is for me much easier than Ruby). And you can put some 3D features (Mode7, but with possibility to load 3d meshes, not only sprites)

  • Tuxinator Replies: First of please try to keep individual ideas separate from one another, it makes it easier to reply back to. So here's a basic rundown of each idea:
    • Use of a scripting language: This has already been looked into, and if it does happen it wouldn't be until much later releases, but Python has already been decided up being the one to do it with.
    • 32bit pngs: This actually was what I originally intended, but it seems that SDL slows down (tremendously) when handling all of the alpha, and I can't exactly do anything with OpenGL because my laptop doesn't support it, which is where I do all my development.
    • Some 3D features: A mode7 type system has already been looked into will be implemented for airship travel. However, loading and displaying 3D meshes will not be supported, simply because this tool is to make 2D console style RPG games. -- Thank you for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.
  • Rave replies: It also would be good, if you can turn m7 on/off for specified maps, for example with it you can make beutiful world map. Don't forget about making possible selecting an angle of view and smooth rotations (last will be good for cutscenes on events)
  • Tuxinator Replies: That would definitely be a possibility, as the m7 engine would not run all to slowly. I do like the sound of a cutscene that pans from one location to another, possibly zooming in/out and then rotating around to follow a basic path (very nice).

I will help
I would like to help you, but I don't know c++ (pascal, python or [a bit] BASIC, rather). With graphic I can't help very much, so... You know. But I can make DEMO Game, and translate it into Polish (and if you give me access to code, I can learn c++ more, and even write some code).

  • Tuxinator Replies: I could always use help in making the demo game, but as far as programming goes, that is sticking with me, simply because this project was originally created to push myself to the limit and to learn new techniques, and so I will remain the soul programmer. If, however, python scripting does eventually get worked into the system, then I will definitely need someone who is able to do some work on that. -- Thanks for your contributions to Open RPG Maker.
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