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Project Developers


Graphics Design

Music and Sound

Special Thanks

  • Our family and friends
    • For helpful support durring the creation of this project
  • Mr. Fleck (Programming teacher for Tuxinator's Video Game Design class)
    • For letting me teach him a bit about video game programming, and vice-versa
  • Mrs. Styer (Design Animation teacher for Tuxinator's Video Game Design class)
    • For teaching me how to make graphics for video games
  • Tobin "GrueMaster" Davis (Tuxinator's dad)
    • For helping debug this project
    • For providing free webspace
  • MediaWiki
    • For providing easy to use wiki page software
  • Open RPG Maker's many fans
    • For keeping me motivated, and submitting excellent feature requests.

FMOD Sound System, copyright © Firelight Technologies Pty, Ltd., 1994-2013

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