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Overhauled Map System (complete)

Completely revamped the map system. Changes Made:

  • Support for multiple layers
  • Passability set on a per-layer basis (with tiles simply having a default passability)
  • Passability is now done in phases (there will be a more in-depth explanation of the phase system in the built in help manual)
  • Map Events can show/hide layers using the standard screen transitions (lots of crazy fun things you can do there).

Screenshots coming soon

Overhauled underlying graphics system (in progress)

Completely revamping the underlying graphics system to include the following:

  • Now supports full 32bit images for tiles/sprites/etc.
  • Tile now use their image width to determine number of frames for animating
  • Tileset editor supports setting the frame rate and whether or not it's a ping pong animation on a per-tile basis.
  • Map Sprites are now split into multiple images (one for each animation pose).
  • There is now a "Map Sprites" tab in the database to configure the various map sprites.
  • Font system has been overhauled to instead use 32bit images with the text being recommended to be full white.
  • Removed the gradient image system from the fonts and replaced it will a full-scale gradient system (ie. select top and bottom color).
  • Fonts now have the ability to have their own character height (no longer limited to 32 pixels tall for all fonts).

Screenshots will be posted when finished

Improved simplicity of the Menu Editor (complete)

The menu editor is now even easier to use:

  • All events (menu's global events, and events for each menu object) are now put into a single dialog for quick and easy editing.
  • New "Easy Navigation Creator" designed to quickly and efficiently create the basic navigation (arrow key) events for all selectable areas.

Screenshots coming soon

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