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Open RPG Maker: News

Project Status

Currently the user interface for the editor is being worked on. Some basic preview screenshots are available on the project's summary page.

Current Development Status
The ability to create and edit tilesets is complete, and most of the creation/editing of terrain is complete (whats currently needed anyway). The map editor part is almost ready for the first release, so far it can render the map, aside from events, and the ability to change the tiles tiling directions is complete. The last steps needed for the first release is to put the ability to place tiles on the map.

NOTE: As I believe I mentioned a while back, these are the parts that will be available in the first beta release (0.0.1)

  • Ability to create and edit tilesets
  • Ability to create and edit terrain (minus the ability to set sound effects and vehicle interactions)
  • Ability to create and edit maps, minus the following abilities:
    • Ability to place starting location
    • Ability to place vehicle starting locations
    • Ability to create and edit events
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