Please release OpenRM as-is

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Please release OpenRM as-is

Postby Rave » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:37 am

I know you're still working on it, but the last post mentioning the fact that you do so, is from July 2017. Releasing it as is would have two good things about it: Battle system and engine code finally in the open, meaning other people who can do good with this kind of stuff, can do so and because it will live on a remote server, there's less risk of thing like burned HDD happening and destroying your work for good. Just ask the creator of Jeskola Buzz, the very same thing happened to him and the program wasn't updated in a conventional manner (there were binary patches, quite similar to 2k/2k3 ones like Buzz Overloader) up until he was able to dig up very old backups of the code and he had to rewrite large patches of it.

Another thing it would do is prove that the project is alive. I can say many things, like that I'm now making a revolutionary game console. That doesn't make it true. Proof's in the pudding as they say.

Yes, I believe you're working on it, but there are many people who need something more substantial than your words. The only reason I believe you and I take you on your word alone is because I know you from early stages of the project and I know you're a good person. Others may not have such knowledge.
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Re: Please release OpenRM as-is

Postby Tuxinator » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:21 am

I've actually been able to get back into it now. I think I've kind of figured out the battle system. At least in a way to get a basic version implemented as a tester and then get some user feedback. Currently I've been testing some of the features by recreating FFMQ from the snes. Since, while it wasn't exactly a stellar RPG, it does have some interesting puzzle mechanics that I would like people to be able to create. Also it featured a HUD while navigating the map and that's another feature I had planned on implementing and this gives me a semi-solid testing ground (although that feature is slated for post-100% feature complete).

One thing I was thinking is putting together a snapshot package outside of the main releases that gives people access to the latest features that I'm working on. This way I can get feedback on them as I'm developing them (and people would see a little more active development) but without having to deal with the people that seem to expect a beta program to be free of bugs.

After all we already have a spot in the forum for technical discussions. That would make a perfect area to discuss the current development snapshot. Also the other thing I like about this idea is I can release snapshots that are at least in a semi-functional state.

PS: Not really worried about HDD failure as I've been paranoid (possibly overly so) about that with all my various projects that I've got everything contained in a single directory and then a backup script that creates a local copy of the directory, clears out all generated content (ie. stuff the compiler creates like .o files and stuff), then it compresses it and sends it off to various locations. I've got an external hard drive it goes to, a copy gets put on my laptop, my dad's server (back when it was more or less operational), and a few other locations that I don't remember (I'd have to re-examine the script to see where all it's offloading it to).
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