various request. item/skills. etc

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various request. item/skills. etc

Postby Rkaiser » Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:13 pm

*i can barely speak english in a appropiate way so have patience* :oops:

maybe tis is already asked for, but is a nice way to know that more people want the same :)

*it would be a nice thing to have a way to edit the items and skills in more than one way. by example.
it would be nice to have items enable the character to learn from some kind of skill tree or "leveling up" the item just like the game "phantom brave" from the makers of disgaea.

*skill enabler items. ex: if you have "this sword" equipped you can have "this skill" and when you un-equip it the skill is gone. or, a way of learning skills out from items just like final fantasy tactics from gba. or a "materia system", like FF7.

*skills that steal items or skills. = Steal command and blue magic (learning skill from enemies)

*different same-item usage: i mean, just like final fantasy, a item that you can equip, but you can still use it like an item/skill/event switch.

*fixable hits: if you make a sprite animation that makes a 3 hit combo. the damage from each hit is displayed separatedly and to put it in a more complicated way.
if a hit is made of sword type damage, and other hit of bullet type damage, it would be cool that, the kind of damage would be applied separatedly.

*limit breaks: the "action bar" get's full from taking damage or making actions. and you unleash a powerfull special atack.

*grapple: is that even possible? just like zell's limit break from FF8. put some special skills like a fighting game. and grappling the enemy sprite in the process.

*combo hit count?: just a hit counter

*multiple-skill skill: in one final fantasy game, a red mage has the ability (limit break) to make black magic x4 or something like that. what im asking for is a skill that enable you to perform a specific kind of action 4 times in a single turn. it would be a great touch.

*FF 8 limit break selection: in the status page, being capable of selecting the limit break you want to use in battle.

*item that enables specific actions in-battle: some kinds of items that like in the past point i mentioned, enables diferent number of actions. like
-*sword* : [Attack][fencing][Deflect]
-*Staff* [Attack][Magic (black or white or whatever)][etc]
and so on.

well. i know you maybe can't do every thing i asked but it woyld be nice to see any of that on the next builds.
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