Can i take over Open RPG Maker?

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Can i take over Open RPG Maker?

Postby kal » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:19 pm


I noticed this engine is not complete. I would like to take it over and create my own commercial version with multiplayer. Would this be possible? please PM me for an offer.
Thank You!
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Re: Can i take over Open RPG Maker?

Postby Tuxinator » Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:09 am

Simply put, no. You may not take over my project. You may not use my code that I worked hard writing to make a commercial competitor program (regardless of it's current release state). Games made using Open RPG Maker will be able to distribute commercially with certain provisions (namely that they use un-modified code, or release any modifications as open source per the requirements of the GPL).

Lastly I am still working on this project, despite my lack of online presence. The engine is up to speed and right now I'm working on getting the battle system mechanics fleshed out in the editor, then implementing them in the engine. Once that's complete I will be releasing a new version that will be feature complete, with additional features coming later.

However if you wish to create a multiplayer version of Open RPG Maker you're welcome to fork the project, but keep in mind everything has to be in compliance to the GPL, meaning no commercial distribution of my code.
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