Love this, any chance we could someday export working .apk?

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Love this, any chance we could someday export working .apk?

Postby Wolfbilly » Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:40 am

I am very much a beginner but I love the idea of having an open source program like this, but part of the motivation for me to put in a lot of work and time with it is so that eventually I can present my results to a potentially large audience, and in my opinion mobiles are the perfect platform for old style rpgs.

I wish I knew more about the technical side. Thanks to everyone who is working to make this program a reality.
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Re: Love this, any chance we could someday export working .a

Postby Tuxinator » Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:08 pm

That is one of the end goals for this project. First and foremost is getting it to a feature complete status (meaning you can make and play a full game). Then I'll be working with Steam to try and make it so people can easily export a Steam ready distribution package. Afterward I plan on porting the engine over to the mobile platforms and basically making it so with a few short clicks you have a signed .apk file to publish to the app stores. Later as things progress I will be trying to get a more dedicated web space for the project and have the ability for people to publish their games or demos of their games as well as sell art assets they've made which would give the project a small cut to fund further development (mostly funding the ability to port the engine to the consoles as well which would give people the freedom to release their games on even more platforms and reach more people).
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